Raconteur special report

Totum was delighted to recently feature in Raconteur's special report: 'Legal Innovation', which was published in The Times, March 2017. We are pleased to republish the articles that featured in that report including our own.

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Investment decisions are never easy. But perhaps it is even harder in a function like marketing and business development (BD) where much of the success is predicated on finding and fulfilling a firm’s often hidden potential. Growth here needs to be justified with convincing evidence of reward that may not yet be in plain sight. It’s a tough ask for even the most seasoned marketing/BD professional.

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Offshore law firms are rapidly evolving their business services functions. In a piece first published in the October 2016 issue of Legal Business, we look at how such firms convince the best business talent to make the shift.

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In a piece, recently published in Legal Business, we explore the strategic thinking and challenges behind achieving a global presence.

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